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The Malt District 

The Nylex Clock, atop the Richmond malt silos, will once again tell Melbourne the time as part of a billion dollar redevelopment of the site to be known as The Malt District.

For many years the Richmond malting site has been known and loved by Melburnians as a strangely beautiful relic of old industry. The vision for the site is to thoughtfully and tactfully respect its heritage architecture, while also introducing a new set of uses that will transform the place into a remarkable destination.

Several of the major heritage buildings will be retained within the precinct and the colour palette incorporates the earthy yellows of barley and the deep browns and greys of factory timber

and concrete. This commitment to reflecting the origins of the buildings will transport the site’s rich past into its 21st century transformation.

Tucked into a pocket between Richmond and the Yarra River, Cremorne is already a much-loved space for a significant group of young residents and forward thinking businesses. Home

to a collection of small manufacturers, makers and commercial innovators, the small suburb has remained relatively untouched, surprisingly since it’s so close to the CBD.

The Malting site will build on the atmosphere that already exists. This compact community is blessed with an array of public transport connections, cycle links and landscaped walking paths. Cremorne is an engaging area with its own identity. The Malt District will reflect and support the existing flavour of this emerging suburb.

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