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True financial freedom, grows from a number of passive income streams. Nine out of ten millionaires built their wealth through property. But you don’t have time or perhaps the knowledge or experience, to study the market, source the properties, manage the tenants, and just understand it all.

You need someone who could do it for you, someone who has already achieved financial freedom for themselves and many of their clients. Someone like Secoya.

Secoya works on properties throughout Australia for the best growth….. capital growth, rental return, and tax benefits.

Plant those seeds now, and watch them grow.

Just like the world’s tallest tree.


The Secoya Process Is Simple

1) Understand Your Goals – Our initial meeting will be to understand you short-term and long-term personal & financial goals.

2.) Understand Your Financial Situation – if you your own home, we can do a quick appraisal to reveal much equity you have available, we can find out how much you have in your superannuation, and based on your income and expenses, identify what type of properties are suitable.

3) Source the Right Property – based on our understanding of your situation, we will source a number of suitable properties, walk you through the location, amenities, financials of the properties, and organise a visit to the property of display office.

4.) Choose the Property – once you have chosen the property to purchase, we will assist you in reserving the property, signing the contract, and paying the holding deposit and later on, the fill deposit or bank guarantee.

5.) Receive Regular Updates – after contract signing and before settlement, we will provide regular updates on the progress of the property, commentaries on the market place, and any new offers for your reference.

6.) Settlement Support – prior to settlement, we will assist wherever we can with your load application, invite you to pre -settlement events, perform pre-settlement inspections, facilitate valuation inspection and settlement inspections.

7.) Property Management – If the property is an investment we can provide property management services to get your property, leased so that you can reap the financial benefits.


The Malt District

The Nylex Clock, atop the Richmond malt silos, will once again tell Melbourne the time as part of a billion dollar redevelopment of the site to be known as The Malt District.


We believe quality homes and quality investments create opportunities for people to live their dream lives. We also believe these opportunities shouldn’t be available just to a select few.

Melbourne's Cultural Heart

Just 6km from the CBD, on the banks of the magnificent Maribyrnong River, Melbourne’s multicultural heart is the city’s booming destination for both investors and lovers…


"I would like to thank you for your wealth of knowledge of the Waterfront property in Footscray I recently purchased off the plans.  It was not an easy decision for me to buy this property due to there are so many apartments selling off the plans in this vicinity.   I really appreciate your assistance throughout this process.  I believe your genuine nature, professionalism and the passion were the key to the success I signed that contract.  I could not speak highly of you and your impeccable service, and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is considering buying or selling their properties." Well done and keep up the good work!  


"From the moment I received a call from Secoya about what apartments were available the journey had begun. My daughter who accompanied me and I had a great afternoon with Secoya. Secoya carefully explained what was available and how best my needs could be met. They were very personable and approachable with a great sense of fun and humour and insured that all information was provided at the time that was available to them. They were kept in touch via emails in a timely manner to ensure that the process continues. They were very detailed in theirdelivery of information and comes across as a company with integrity."

Kathleen A Roach.

"My name is Rod Joseph. I am a retired police detective with over 30 years experience. I now consider myself to be an astute property investor.   I came across Secoya during property searches and made a cursory enquiry. Some time after, Secoya gave me a random call to follow up. Normally I would haven't welcomed this but Secoya's temperament and genuine honesty attracted me and I followed rhis up with a face to face.   As a result I was impressed with Secoya's professionalism and his product. I was ecstatic to make a purchase from one of Secoyas properties on his unbias recommendation.   Thanks for your guidance and support Secoya. I look forward to professionally engaging you again."

Rod Joseph.

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